Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-3-2008

Dr. Abman, Ella’s pulmonologist, called with the results from her overnight pulse oximetry test. Her oxygen was at 1/4 liter (250ccs) and the results looked great. He mentioned that the test is a good measure for us to use on her progress and that we will likely do more of them. For now, he would like to keep her at this level of oxygen. I made him aware that she was using a higher level of oxygen during the day. He wants us to wean her daytime oxygen to meet the 250ccs and simply raise the level if needed. But he thinks that she should be able to use the same amount during the day and night, for the most part. So, we are slowly working towards 250ccs all the time.

Only looking back a month ago, we had just arrived in Denver. Ella’s oxygen levels were much higher. Praise God that she has adjusted to the altitude quickly and that her new pulmonologist has given her an increase in the medicine that is helping her heart and lungs to work together more effectively.

It was nice because Josh’s work closed up shop in the afternoon for the holiday so he was able to come home earlier than expected.

We had Grandpa over for dinner tonight and afterwards the fun began! Ella and I played together on her mat while Josh and Grandpa picked up the Wii remotes and started playing virtual golf in the living room. And of course, each time that Josh or Grandpa would do just the right amount of strokes, the big screen would show in huge letters “Par”. It was hard not to think of Ella’s NICU friend, Par, and how well he is doing lately. It just brought a huge smile. Someday those two will have a reunion…