Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-7-2008

Today was a mellow day with Ella. We just hung out in the house with the windows open, enjoying the cooler 70 degree weather.

Ella has a physical therapy appointment tomorrow afternoon. We’re looking forward to seeing the PT again. I’m just hoping that the Bun will be responsive. She needs help so much but just hates to do the physical work! She gets cranky fast and can only tolerate a few minutes at a time. So please pray that she will somehow, someway decide that physical therapy is fun.

We go back to Dr. Perry’s office in a few weeks. I will be interested to see how much weight she has gained. She feels like she is getting heavier or I’m just getting more tired!

We’re still waiting to see some teeth. So far, it has all been a tease.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers. Only 17 more days until Ella turns 1 year old…