Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-26-2008

Grandma West went a bit crazy today and bought party favors, so that we can celebrate in style tomorrow. It should be fun. Hopefully, Ella will be in a good mood.

The highlight of the day was having visitors from the south. Yes, Barb & Pat Dirrim visited us today. They live in Atlanta, but were visiting family in Denver this weekend. They have been following Ella’s progress since she was born. Although we had never met in person before, they emailed and asked if they could come and meet Ella. Well, of course!

It sure is fun to meet people face-to-face that have been following our journey. We had a nice visit and they showered us with birthday gifts for the Bun. One gift was an outfit that I think Ella might need to wear tomorrow. Barb took a simple pant and t-shirt combination, but embroidered the shirt with “the bun is one”. Too cute!

We simply added their gifts to our ever-growing pile of cards and gifts for the birthday celebration tomorrow (thank you everyone for your love for Ella on her first birthday!). Before the Dirrims left, we ended in prayer which was awesome. It is so nice to have an instant connection with people based on your shared faith in Christ.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what the Bun does when she is crowned princess and has a lick of cake and ice cream! Although this celebration has to be small and simple, it can be Ella’s first introduction to many future parties that will occur once she gets older and healthier: Ellabrations!

Ella is getting her beauty sleep right now, so that she is ready to party!