Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-6-2008

It was a busy weekend. Along with finishing up all of our projects around the house, we knew that it was Grandpa’s birthday on Tuesday and it would be tough to celebrate mid-week. Later in the afternoon, we headed over to his house.

We gave him a new address plaque and a framed picture of Ella. Also, Josh helped out by doing lots of maintenance projects around his house.

While the boys were getting stuff done, Ella was watching videos in her travel crib while I was getting my fair share of kisses and affection from the two dogs.

By the way, did I mention that Joslin was my only little girl before the Bun entered the world?

We ate pizza for dinner and then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa. Hopefully, he made a good wish for this upcoming year.

Although Ella could not partake in the ice cream cake, we ate some for her! I know we have not given an update on the food situation in a while, so here it goes.

When we visited the doctors the first week in Denver, they ordered a swallow study. We filled out all the paperwork and are waiting for a call back from the Children’s Hopsital. They want us to proceed with occupational therapy and feeding her foods, but they also don’t want us to push hard for something that could be harming her. In other words, the swallow study will assess to make sure that she is not micro-aspirating into her lungs when eating and drinking.

When I was trying baby foods during early June, she was choking, gagging and retching a lot more than normal for her. This experience combined with the concern about her micro-aspirating, we decided to hold off on any forward progress with solid foods. We’re hoping that her swallow study will be scheduled soon and that she will pass with flying colors, so that we can get back to eating pears and apples!

Counting down until the big day…only 18 days left…Ella will be 1 year old! Praising God continually for our little miracle.