Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-10-2008

It is hard to believe. Nurse Janet and her husband Jason are visiting us from Gainesville, FL. They arrived this afternoon and we hung out at our house for a little while. Then we decided to drive and meet up with Josh. They had never been to downtown Denver and it was a warm evening, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Ella had a fun time just being outside too. She loves the change of scenery and checking out everything. She really behaved herself well. We went to the Rio Grande Mexican restaurant to enjoy some margaritas and smoke free outdoor dining. It was a great time. Tomorrow, they will head up into the mountains to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

The OT visited for the first time today. We spent the session going over history and getting ideas together for future sessions. Ella’s swallow study is scheduled for August 7th at the Children’s Hospital. Once we can make sure that she is not micro-aspirating, we can move forward again with solid foods. In the meantime, she has some other ideas for exercises that we can do without foods to build up Ella’s feeding technique.

Tonight at the restaurant, Josh was giving me a break from holding Ella so that I could eat. He started singing to Ella which he does frequently. She loves the sound of his deep voice. It is so evident because she snuggles in tight to his chest so she can hear his voice along with his heartbeat. Such a sweet picture of daddy and his girl.