Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on July-24-2008

Wow…365 366 days….52 weeks…12 months…1 year.

What a year it’s been. I am in absolute awe of what God has done and what He continues to do through this sweet amazing girl. We have witnessed so many miracles along the way and so many lives impacted by Ella’s testimony.

Yes, today is Ella’s official birthday, but we’re planning to celebrate it this Sunday. My mom is coming into town tomorrow, and Tina’s dad will be around to enjoy it with us.

Ella has come a long way, but she has a very long road ahead. There are many foundational milestones that she still needs to achieve, and quite honestly, some days it is very difficult to look at how far she needs to go to catch up.

We spotted a rainbow outside of our window today. Just another gentle reminder to continue to trust in Him, rest in Him, and rely on Him.

Thank you Jesus for Ella Renae!

Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing us to this place. This place of celebrating Ella’s life…which was absolutely no accident. You knew about her before the beginning of time. You ordained everything she has experienced, and we trust in your perfect will for her life. Lord, continue to make her strong. Guide her life so that she would be glorifying to you. You are an awesome God, worthy of our praise. Thank you Lord…Amen.