Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-2-2008

Ella met her new physical therapist today. Although we did not get a lot of work done, it did give us a chance to meet her.

At first, Ella was fine. Once some of the work began (we were showing her what we worked on during our sessions in Florida), Ella started to figure out what was going on. She decided that she didn’t like it, so all it would take was a glance at the PT and she would melt down.

Overall, Ella did much better than I have seen her do in the past with new therapists. Even though she had her temper tantrums, it took a lot less time for her to calm down. Hey, that is a step in the right direction.

I am excited because it seems like we may have met someone that not only knows physical therapy, but is truly interested in seeing Ella take the next steps. Once we get into the true visits each week with more focused therapy, we will see how the Bun responds.

And finally, Ella had to try on some new shoes that Grandma West sent her. Cute for the summer time…