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For those of you who missed out on the live broadcast at 2:20 pm, here’s the recording of Ella’s celebration. The action really starts 6 minutes into the video, so you can drag the slider to that point, unless you want to hear me and Tina’s dad talking on the phone. =)


Heya Ella Fans…we’re going to try a last minute live broadcast of the Bun’s Birthday Celebration. You can view the video below by typing in the password: ella

The video will be muted initially but we’ll turn it up once we start singing Happy Birthday =).

You can also join the live chat below the video as well.

(uStream Chat)

02:28 ustreamer-22706 : Happy Birthday Ella!!! Love Matthew and Melinda
02:30 ustreamer-92442 : Hi Baby Ella. Happy Birthday.
02:32 ustreamer-92442 : Love watching this beautiful video.
02:35 ustreamer-32845 : hello this is angie from nc,happy birthday ella
02:43 ustreamer-33415 : Hi, watching from Frostproof, FL.
02:44 ustreamer-33415 : Linda Casey from Frostproof, FL.
02:46 ustreamer-32845 : hi ella,tina,josh,grandma,and grandpa,we love you ella
03:01 Jooosh : Thanks all
03:18 ustreamer-6774 : happy birthday ella from north carolina you are amazing