Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-21-2008

Ella was visited by a nutritionist today. Her name was Carrie and she was a really sweet person. She spent a lot of time consulting and gathering all the information on Ella’s condition and history.

A report will be put together by the end of the week with her recommendations. I am planning to take this with me to my appointment with Dr. Perry next Monday. I know he wants to increase Ella’s food volume to ensure enough caloric intake. It will be interesting to see what Carrie recommends and how Dr Perry decides to incorporate those recommendations.

Carrie had an infant scale with her, so we weighed and measured Ella. She weighed 15 lbs, 8 oz and was 27.25″ long. Every scale is so different, so I don’t hold onto that with any seriousness. I’ll be more interested to see how she weighs in on the scale at Dr. Perry’s office, especially if we can use the same one.

We have a PT appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping that Ella is in a better place and that she will have a good session since our last appointment didn’t really take place.

As you have witnessed before, the Bun sure likes playing with Dad when he arrives home from work.

I am reminded each day what a blessing it is to have this little girl. She has such a sweet spirit and I still cannot believe that we made it to this point. Only 3 more days until she has her first birthday!