Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-10-2009

Ella’s day started with bubbles in the bath. She usually cries right when I place her in the tub and then it varies. Before, she would always have a meltdown the entire time. That is getting less and less frequent. Now, it just depends on her mood, how tired she is and how she is feeling physically. This morning, I got a smile or two and some kicking which made big splashes in the tub!

Ella had OT and PT today and did fairly well during both sessions. Although, she did seem a bit more tired and was not as tolerant as I have seen her on other days. The OT is going on vacation starting this evening, so tomorrow will be a more mellow day with just PT in the afternoon.

One positive thing that has happened this week. We found a part-time babysitter that wants to watch Ella for us a couple of nights per week. The best part: she has been an Ella follower via the blog for months! And her motivation is just to watch her because she wants to spend time with her and love on her! This is a huge blessing for us. We know that we need to have breaks individually as well as date nights: this person will provide this for us! We’re going to start our first training session tomorrow night. Pray that everything goes well! We’re excited.

Another development: I love taking care of my beautiful daughter and didn’t want to give up that part of my life, so I have opted to stay home full time with Ella for now. We explored the nanny scene and did not get the indication that we are supposed to go that direction. Instead, this part-time caregiver came into play which will give much needed breaks each week. Also, I’ve just joined Entertaining at Home as an Independent Consultant. I really feel that this is the opportunity that is going to allow me the flexibility to spend time with my family while being able to start my own business. The extra bonus is that it forces me to get out of my shell and meet wonderful people at parties!

The thought of owning my own business and taking control of my life appealed to me, but it always seem overwhelming. When I learned about this opportunity and then looked at all the wonderful products in the catalog, I wanted them all! It just seemed like there was something for everyone and everything someone would need to entertain, from high quality kitchen tools to beautiful decorative items that are functional and fun to display.

When I shared the catalog with my neighbor, she was excited to book a party because it allows her to get so many items for free and at half-price. Her immediate commitment affirmed that I needed to take this step! And now, I just need to find more friends to host parties. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and socializing at parties this summer!

I’m not sure why, but Ella was making this funny face all day! I wonder what is prompting that look…we’ll ponder that as we go to sleep tonight.