Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-15-2009

Insomnia hit me last night. Ella woke up around 2:30am and I tried to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful. So, I was up at 5am when the sun welcomed the day. That is not a frequent occurrence, but made for a nice way to start the day while I drank my coffee.

I had to wake up the Bun extra early this morning, so that I could make it to an early dentist appointment. I figured that we would try it out and if she got too upset, I would need to reschedule. I tried to keep the stroller close to the chair, so I could reach over and yank on her favorite toy to make music and calm her. She fussed a few times and I had to stop to attend to her, but overall, she was really good. This was especially surprising because you could tell that she was really sleepy and she doesn’t tend to tolerate things as well when she is tired. But again, it was something to do outside the house and I think she enjoys almost any kind of field trip.

The dentist did enjoy taking a sneak peek in Ella’s mouth. Of course, she did not actually examine her mouth, but would catch glimpses as Ella smiled and looked up at me from her stroller. The dentist recommended researching to see if any of the medicines that Ella has taken in her short little life have any impact on teeth. She’s had other patients where the medicines taken early in life has ruined the enamel on the adult teeth that emerge. I’ll admit, it was certainly not something I’ve ever thought about before today. Also, she mentioned that usually around 3 years old is when teeth should be examined for the first time. I explained that Ella will likely need sedation due to her oral aversion. She let me know that she has a wonderful pediatric dentist where she can refer us.

I love it when doctors are thinking in the best interest of their patients and not just trying to take on Ella when they are not equipped to, for example, give sedation safely. I would love for Ella to see our dentist in the future, but it is likely that for her first several years, sedation may be a requirement. Then again, who knows…Ella could surprise all of us.

Speaking of the unexpected, I’m surprised that 1ml more of diuretic has made that much of a difference for Ella. I’m so thankful and shocked at the same time. As of last Thursday when the diuretic was increased, she has not passed out. She gets fussy or mad, cries and might turn blue after lots and lots of crying, but not instantly within seconds. It is such a relief to be back to her baseline. And if it this symptom returns in the future, maybe it will be as simple as just weight-adjusting medicines. That is nice instead of major medical interventions!

The dentist and one errand was the highlight of the day. The rest of the day was low-key at our house. Three separate times, a tornado warning came across the TV. Although none were for our exact area, the weather is crazy. I do not ever remember seeing or hearing about tornadoes like this in the Denver area. Supposedly, today was the last day of this madness for now. Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

I’m hoping that Ella sleeps well tonight. She has 3 therapy appointments tomorrow; one at 11:30am, one at 2pm and one at 4:30pm. It is a very full and busy day for her. We will see if she goes for it!