Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-18-2009

I can’t figure out why, but Ella does not want to do physical therapy any more. Each time we go to attempt it, she melts down. She is clearly telling me that she does not want to do this activity right now. But, I just can’t figure out why the sudden change. There are a few factors that might be causing this change in behavior.

First, she is not at her baseline medically. Last week was the height of multiple meltdown moments each day. And this week is much better, although she is still not where she should be. So, maybe that is playing a part.

Also, we changed our tactics with occupational therapy because we were not getting anywhere with trying to make Ella eat food. So now, the sessions are much more productive, but Ella is also having to “work” which is more taxing on her. The OT sessions are the first therapy sessions of the day and Ella does seem to tolerate them the best. Maybe by the time PT comes around 1-1.5 hours later, she is too tired and simply doesn’t want to engage in the activity.

Finally, how much can teething be playing a part? You can see a few more teeth trying their best to resurface recently. Maybe by that time in the day, she has been playing with them so much that they are throbbing and she just doesn’t want to work any more?

Even though she clearly lets me know that she does not want to do PT, she will calm down if I place her to lay down with her binky.

I know it is not a personal thing with the PT – they love each other. And when the PT was cuddling Ella today, she couldn’t have been happier. To put it in perspective, Ella hasn’t been in her exer-saucer either. Every time that I have tried in the past few days, she melts down. So things that are usually pleasurable for her are not right now. And since I want to fix it for her and make it better, it can be frustrating.

She still enjoys going for a ride. We ran a quick errand this morning and she was all smiles.

The hospital has not called back yet. Maybe tomorrow will be the magic day. In the meantime, I’m just trying to love on the Bun and get her to tell me what is up.