Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-27-2009

Today was nice and warm in Denver. We took advantage by running some errands as a family because it is always fun to take the Bun for a ride.

By the way, I want to ease everyone’s mind. Since the news of Josh’s job loss this past week, many have asked about our health insurance benefits. The reality is that we have a short window before we have to start paying for our health insurance. We are so thankful for it not being canceled immediately. That is huge for our family.

The good news is that Cobra exists and although it is very expensive, it is something we can use for up to 18 months, if we need to. Believe it or not, paying Cobra each month is still going to be way less expensive than not having insurance at all for Ella. The Bun incurs costs every day: from special formula to oxygen, doctor visits to therapies and durable medical supplies to medicine. And that is if she does not have any major problems. If you add any unexpected things, we all know that any hospital visits can be crazy expensive. Heck, she became our million-dollar baby before she ever left the NICU in Florida!

In the meantime, please continue to pray that the Lord will provide the perfect opportunity for Josh with amazing health insurance!