Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-28-2009

Yeah, the video above has the Bun showing her skills at grabbing the binky followed by her NICU pillow, called a “frog”. And of course, Grandma West made cute covers for all her “frogs”, so we can be fashionable. There was a day where Ella was not as strong, but now she has the binky and “frog” grab down to a science. So cute…

Ella had a few times today where she would just start crying. And she had several runny diapers. Sure enough, teething has struck again. There are 2 more lower teeth that have broken through her gums and she has had everything in her mouth: hands, feet, binky, etc.! So, she would be fine and then out of nowhere, she would start crying. I think maybe her fingernails would hit her sensitive gums. Poor Bun!

We increased her food slightly today to 240ccs each feed, giving us a total of 1200ccs (an incremental increase of 60ccs). She tolerated it fine, so we will likely give her another increase tomorrow.

Our babysitter was scheduled to come tonight, so we could have a date night. Unfortunately, Josh was not feeling well today. So, we are looking forward to date night next weekend.