Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-13-2009

I purchased tickets to the Denver Luxury Home Tour, which features 27 houses across the Denver metro area, all ranging between $1m – $6m dollars. Originally, my friend and I planned to do this activity together for a few hours over the next few weekends. Since my friend was not able to join me and we wanted to get outside as a family, I talked Josh and Ella into chauffeuring me around to some of the houses.

As usual, Ella enjoyed the ride in the car. The drive took us to the northern part of the metro area. I’ve included a few pictures from one of my favorites. Very rich decor and custom finished touches. Yes, I was drooling!

In the middle of the tour, Ella became cranky and tired. She wanted to sleep, but that meant that the car needed to keep moving. If we even stopped at a traffic light, she started to cry again. So, we even had to continue making right hand turns into new neighborhoods just to keep the car moving and avoid a meltdown.

Speaking of meltdowns, we are very thankful. After 2 days, it seems that the increased amount of diuretic is making the difference for her. She has gotten mad and cried hard many times over the past two days and yet, no turning blue instantly and passing out. Also, her saturation was amazing last night when she was sleeping. We were able to turn down her oxygen again to 500ccs and her numbers still looked good. So we are not sure if it is a combination of the increased sildenafil plus the increased diuretic that is making the difference, but she seems better. We’ll see how the next couple of days turn out.

Once we were done with the luxury home tour, we found ourselves down the street from a good friend that had never met Ella. So, I called and she happened to be home. The last time I saw her in-person was 2 years ago at my baby shower! We gave each other good hugs and she enjoyed meeting Ella in-person. Although I was enjoying my brief visit with her so much that I forgot to take a picture…oops!

But of course, I did not forget to take pictures of the Bun enjoying the luxury tour!